London Restaurants

London is the home of some of the best dishes the world has seen.

The level of quality and work that has been put into the restaurants that are serving various delicacies is unparalleled. London is one of the top cities in the world and provides restaurants that serve the best of both worlds.


hot blondeSoho offers modern cooking coupled with affordable prices; they also have an impressive wine list perfect for your London dinner experience.

Soho has made a name for itself by using a well formed and focused menu, the dishes are seasonal, in order to maintain the freshness of the dishes that are served.
Soho is offering ricotta-stuffed courgette flower with wild mushrooms, well sought after truffle, mushroom and chilled asparagus with crème fraiche for starters.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner menu are unpretentious, the food is filled with various tastes, customers are served with halibut fillet with yellow beans, together with garlic, chili as well as romesco sauce.

Fish lovers will love this restaurant; they have more selections of fish based dishes.

In order to keep the interest of customers on the restaurant, they have also included well thought out drinks that contain negroni.

All of the tables are also closely packed; there is an energetic vibe in the area.

The restaurant abides by the no-booking policy during dinner and would only offer bookings for lunch.

Baozi Inn

Even when at the heart of London, it is possible to experience one of the best tasting Chinese dishes.

This restaurant offers the feel of a real Communist revolution area with its décor coupled with Chinese street food.

The red color if present in most dishes, and most of the lunch and dinner that is served contains chilli oil, the dishes also come with spicy beef noodles.

The menu will include Dan dan noodles, crescent dumplings as well as cucumber salad and most of the dishes served in this London restaurant contain fresh and unsweetened hot soy milk.

Bi Bim Bap:

This restaurant in London offers staple traditional Korean foods.

The menu contains rice, spiced vegetables as well as beef meat topped with fried eggs.

Not only that they also give out diners that are food filling, and serve them with Korean beer.

Most clients go back to this restaurant due to the stone-bowl dish offers, the restaurant has ten varieties of classic bowls being served and this will include vegetables, spicy pork, beef, chicken, tofu, brown rice, ginseng, mushroom as well as gingko versions which make the dishes really vibrant.

Other dishes served will include jeon pancakes, fried noodles, salads, as well as mixed bag and vegetable dumplings. The list goes on and on and the food is served with chilli speckled dipping sauce for additional flavor.

These three restaurants are well loved for their versatility and ability to serve a number of dishes that would cater to the various needs of London clients.

The culture in London is diverse, and restaurant owners are finding ways to interpret this into the dishes that they are serving in their respective restaurants.

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